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Deluxe Martini Gift Set With Case

Sophisticated convenience... our 9 piece martini gift set has it all.  A perfect housewarming or couples gift, or take along for when you want to elevate a basic camping trip to an elegant affair.

This martini kit includes 8 essential pieces for preparing high quality martinis and they all come in a handy, attractive, hard leatherette case. This case protects your tools when not in use and offers a convenient method of storage and transport. Additionally, the case features a lock with two keys for added security.

This case includes a cocktail shaker to perfectly mix cocktails, the double jigger allows for precise measurement of liquor. A funnel ensures you'll never make a mess, and a tube-shaped flask can be used to hold additional contents.

When ready to pour your drinks, two martini glasses and two plastic olive spears are included to guarantee a professional presentation.

This all-in-one kit has everything you need to get started serving up high-quality martinis!

Set Includes:
- (1) 7 3/4" x 8" x 7" carrying case
- (1) 8 oz. 3-piece cocktail shaker
- (1) 1 oz. and 2 oz. double jigger
- (1) funnel
- (1) 1.5 oz. tube-shaped flask
- (2) plastic olive spears
- (2) 3.5 oz. martini glasses


Case customization is available for an extra fee, please contact us with what you have in mind! (